Industrial Politics and the 1926 Mining Lock-out

The Struggle for Dignity

Editor(s) Keith Gildart, Alan Campbell, John McIlroy

Language: English

Genre(s): Welsh Interest,Politics

  • February 2009 · 320 pages ·216x138mm

  • · Paperback - 9780708321867

About The Book

The seven-month national mining lock-out of 1926 was one of the most important industrial disputes of the twentieth century. This work contributes to the social and political history of the industrial working class in 1926, drawing on fresh methodological perspectives relating to the study of labour.


'This volume of essays provides a welcome contribution to our understanding of the history of the miners between the wars. It is scholarly and judicious, but often passionate, disputatious and eloquent...' Tribune "This volume offers a detailed study of one of the major disputes in twentieth-century British history. The thirteen contributions provide a comprehensive survey of the lockout at national, regional and local levels." International Review of Social History Vol. 51 Part 3"This is a book that celebrates defiance and resistance but which also concentrates upon strategic questions at the heart of making and remaking the working class. Nothing could be timelier, either in Britain or here in Australia."Robert Bollard, Victoria University, Labour History, Number 91


Part 1: The Context; 1. Capitalist crisis in 1926 John Foster, University of Paisley; 2. The state of the unions: the MFGB in 1926 Alan Campbell and John McIlroy; 3. Employer militancy in the 1926 lock-out Quentin Outram, University of Leeds; Part 2: Regional Studies; 4. The dispute in south Wales Chris Williams, University of Glamorgan; 5. Developments in the Scottish coalfields Alan Campbell; 6. The case of Lancashire Steve Catterall, University of York; 7. Notes from the periphery: north Wales, Cumberland and Warwickshire Keith Gildart; Part 3: Themes; 8. Women in 1926; 9. Law and order in the miners' lock-out Steve Catterall; 10. The Communist Party and 1926 John McIlroy; 11. Alternative Outcomes: the Bishops' proposals reconsidered. David Howell, University of York

About the Author(s)

Author(s): John McIlroy

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