Innovation and E-Learning

E-Business for an Educational Enterprise

Author(s): Ian Roffe

Language: English

Genre(s): Medieval Social Policy and Law Modern Languages

  • December 2004

  • · eBook - pdf - 9781423740865

About The Book

Innovation and e-learning provides an insight into the key business dynamics in implementing an e-learning programme. It discusses the development of e-learning for small firms and a variety of other markets. To deliver provision in this area means we must confront conventional issues of overcoming resistance to change and encouraging collaboration, but also a range of business and educational management issues. Internet-supported learning is an innovative way for educational enterprises to gain competitive advantage. It allows for reconfiguring delivery without sacrificing the quality of learning. It also opens up a whole set of services for flexible learning. Most institutions, departments, groups and individuals are making the transition to online delivery, but many teachers and decision-makers find that maximizing its use for learning has to be considered in the changing context of increased competition for students and resources. To be successful, it is necessary to develop learning, technology and business in a creative way. Key issues covered include forces driving the need for e-learning; small firms and e-learning; open, distance and flexible learning; innovation and competitive strategy; and quality assurance and evaluation.


'Roffe goes into each topic in considerable depth...his treatment of each topic is balanced and up to date... up-to-date coverage and extensive referencing will commend the book to you.' Quality Assurance in Education

'...a welcome publication and a valuable contribution to the area of research on language attitudes, especially as it brings in research from different fields...thus widening the scope of research. In its well-structured analysis it shows the importance of triangulation in research studies on attitudes. In addition, the book gives the reader insights into Welsh life and the construction of personal and social meaning of both teachers and adolescents. As such, the book will undoubtedly appeal and be of great interest to a general readership as well as to a sociolinguistic audience'. Multilingua


Part One The e-learning enterprise; The Educational Enterprise; Innovation and Creativity: Implications for e-learning; Building a Strategy and a Dynamic; e-learning: Markets and Marketing; Part Two Teaching and Learning; Pedagogic Basis for Teaching and Learning; Distance Education and Knowledge Media; e-learning and ICT; Part Three The Impact of e-learning on Small Firms; SME Context for e-learning; Transfer Experiences in Small Firms; Creating the Infrastructure for SME support; Part Four Building the Infrastructure; The Evaluation of Innovation and e-learning; Professional development for e-learning; Quality, Benchmarking and Standards; E-Learning in the International Arena; Part Five Future Action; The Prospectus for Future Action.

About the Author(s)

Ian Roffe

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