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Second Edition

Kant and the Theory and Practice of International Right

Author(s): Georg Cavallar

Language: English

Genre(s): History

Series: Political Philosophy Now

April 2020

Paperback - 9781786835529 eBook - epub - 9781786835543 eBook - mobi - 9781786835550 eBook - pdf - 9781786835536

About The Book

This text looks at Kant’s work within the field of industrial relations. It re-examines Kantian theory, and the author argues that Kantian theory brings together the idea of international relations principles and the actual practicalities of those ideas.


'...this is the most thorough account of Kant's international political theory that I have read and helps to make sense of what is a notoriously problematic aspect of Kant's practical philosophy.' Political Studies

About the Author(s)

Georg Cavallar

Dr. Georg Cavallar is a teacher and a lecturer at the departments of philosophy and educational science, University of Vienna. He has published on Kant's political philosophy, the history of international law, and educational philosophy.

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