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Lloffion Ym Maes Crefydd

Diwinyddiaeth Y Byd Cyfoes

Author(s): Robert Pope

Language: Welsh

May 2007250 pages216x138mm

About The Book

This book will focus on religious matters in their contemporary context. The volume will be topical, with analysis of such diverse areas as religion and the cinema and the current global increase in fundamentalist religions. The proposed chapters are as follows: What is theology? What is the contemporary role of theology? Semper Reformanda – The nature and purpose of the church today; Worship; The Church in the World; Theology and Politics; Democracy: What does Christianity tell us? God and Evil: How does certitude relate to morality? Christianity amongst other religions; Fundamentalism – history and development; and, The Gospel and Visual Culture.

About the Author(s)

Robert Pope

Dr Robert Pope is Reader in Theology in the University of Wales: Trinity St David, based at Lampeter, Wales, UK.

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