Monastic Life in the Medieval British Isles

Essays in Honour of Janet Burton

Editor(s) Emilia Jamroziak,Julie Kerr,Karen Stöber

Language: English

Genre(s): Medieval, Religion, History

  • October 2018 · 304 pages ·216x138mm

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About The Book

This book celebrates the work and contribution of Professor Janet Burton to medieval monastic studies in Britain. Burton has fundamentally changed approaches to the study of religious foundations in regional contexts (Yorkshire and Wales), placing importance on social networks for monastic structures and female Cistercian communities in medieval Britain; moreover, she has pioneered research on the canons and their place in medieval English and Welsh societies. This Festschrift comprises contributions by her colleagues, former students and friends – leading scholars in the field – who engage with and develop themes that are integral to Burton’s work. The rich and diverse collection in the present volume represents original work on religious life in the British Isles from the twelfth to the sixteenth century as homage to the transformative contribution that Burton has made to medieval monastic studies in the British Isles.


‘This is a splendid tribute by her colleagues, peers and students to the outstanding scholar of British medieval monasticism. Its thirteen papers – transformative, stimulating and pioneering – explore themes that span the range of Janet Burton’s research, underscoring the breadth of her scholarship and pointing to new research horizons that have been opened by her endeavours.’
-Professor Richard D. Oram, Dean of Arts and Humanities, Professor of Medieval and Environmental History, University of Stirling

‘This volume pays homage to Janet Burton’s lifetime work on British monastic and ecclesiastical history. She has written on bishops and Cistercians, and has importantly been a pioneer in work on Cistercian nuns – as well as focusing on monks, Benedictine and Cistercian monastic communities, her work has broken new ground in our understanding of communities of regular canons. The papers in this volume demonstrate close ties to, and inspiration by, Janet Burton throughout. A solid, indeed spectacular, reflection of her work, but also a volume of substantial studies.’
-Constance H. Berman, Professor of History Emerita, University of Iowa

'it is heartening to encounter a Festschrift in which shared affection for the dedicatee, combined with inter-related research interests, has resulted in a volume demonstrating both rich variety and overall thematic homogeneity. It is warmly recommended to all with an interest in monastic history, who will find much that is thought- provoking in its range of contributions.'
- Journal of Ecclesiastical History

‘Many of the essays are written with a clarity of approach which would allow them to be usefully employed in the undergraduate classroom as an example of how to undertake research into medieval monastic life. The collection is a worthy tribute to Professor Burton’s career.’
-Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies, 2020


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List of contributors
Part I: Monastic and religious orders in Britain
1. Cistercian histories in late medieval England, and beyond - James Clark
2. ‘Like a mother between father and sons.’ The role of the prior in later medieval
English monasteries - Martin Heale
3. Formed by Word and Example: the Training of Novices in Fourteenth-Century Dublin - Colmán Ó Clabaigh
4. Strata Florida: a former Welsh Cistercian Abbey and its future - David Austin
Part II: Religious and laity
5. The World of Bishops in Religious Orders in Medieval Ireland 1050–1230 - Edel Bhreathnach
6. Art, architecture, piety and patronage at Rievaulx Abbey, c.1300–1539 - Michael Carter
7. The Last Days of Bridlington Priory - Claire Cross
8. Galwegians and Gauls: Aelred of Rievaulx’s Dramatisation of Xenophobia
in Relatio de Standardo - Marsha Dutton
9. The cloister of the soul: Robert Grosseteste and the monastic houses of his diocese - Philippa Hoskin
10. The Abbey of St Benet of Holme and the English Rising of 1381 - Andrew Prescott
Part III: Women in the medieval monastic world
11. Looking for medieval female religious in Britain and Ireland: sources, methodologies
and pitfalls - Kimm Curran
12. ‘As for a nun’: corrodies, nunneries and the laity - Brian Golding
13. Preaching to nuns in the Norwich Diocese on the eve of the Reformation: the evidence from
visitation records - Veronica O'Mara
Bibliography of Janet Burton's publications
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About the Editor(s)

Author(s): Emilia Jamroziak

Emilia Jamroziak is Professor of Medieval Religious History and Director of the Institute for Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds.

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Author(s): Julie Kerr

Julie Kerr was Researcher on the Monastic Wales and the Cistercians in Yorkshire projects.

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Author(s): Karen Stöber

Karen Stöber is Researcher and Lecturer at the Universitat de Lleida, Catalonia.

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