New Governance - New Democracy?

Post-devolution Wales

Editor(s) Paul Chaney,Tom Hall,Andrew Pithouse

Language: English

Genre(s): Welsh Interest

Series: Politics and Society in Wales

  • July 2001 · 240 pages ·234x156mm

  • · Paperback - 9780708316788

About The Book

The creation of the National Assembly for Wales and Scottish Parliament has altered the democratic landscape of the UK. In assuming many policy and adminstraitve responsiblities previously held by the central government, the Welsh assembly promises innovation in governance and there are high expectations that devolution will bring about significant changes in Welsh life. "New Governance - New Democracy?" questions whether these expectations are likely to be fulfiled. Drawing on interviews with many of the people who have influenced the devolution experiment, from poltitions to ordinary citizens, this book offers interdisciplinary discussion and analysis of issues ranging from electorial turnout, participation and legitimacy to the involvement of marginalized groups in the process of government. It also examines the developing relationship between the new Welsh legislature and the voluntary sector, the governance of economic development and the regulation and political control of public agencies in Wales.


'This is an important book, and an important series, and represents a worthy contribution to our understanding of how devolution is unfolding. Each of the studies has adopted a rigorous methodological approach, and the analyses are strengthened by being theoretically-grounded ... it offers lessons for scholars of devolution elsewhere in the UK'. (Scottish Affairs) '...this is an interesting and well written text which should be read by all those interested in how devolved structures are seeking to interact with the societies that they have set up to serve.' Political Studies


Contents List of figures viii List of tables ix List of abbreviations x 1. New Governance - New Democracy? Paul Chaney, Tom Hall and Andrew Pithouse 1 2. Turnout, Participation and Legitimacy in the Politics of Post-devolution Wales Richard Wyn Jones and Dafydd Trystan 18 3. Inclusive Government for Excluded Groups: Women and Disabled People Sandra Betts, John Borland and Paul Chaney 48 4. Inclusive Government for Excluded Groups: Ethnic Minorities Charlotte Williams and Paul Chaney 78 5. The National Assembly and the Voluntary Sector: An Equal Partnership? Bella Dicks, Tom Hall and Andrew Pithouse 102 6. Learning by Doing: Devolution and the Governance of Economic Development in Wales Kevin Morgan and Gareth Rees 126 7. Devolution and Regulation: The Political Control of Public Agencies in Wales Rachel Ashworth, George Boyne and Richard Walker 172 8. Reading the Runes Paul Chaney, Tom Hall and Andrew Pithouse 213 Bibliography 229 Index 245

About the Editor(s)

Author(s): Paul Chaney

Dr Paul Chaney is Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Cardiff University. He has published widely on territorial politics, social policy and, equality and human rights.

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Author(s): Tom Hall

Dr Tom Hall is Head of School at Cardiff University.

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Author(s): Andrew Pithouse

Andrew Pithouse is Professor of Social Work Studies at Cardiff University.

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