Politics and Metaphysics in Kant

Editor(s): Sorin Baiasu Sami Pihlström Howard Williams

Language: English

Genre(s): Philosophy

Series: Political Philosophy Now

  • April 2011 · 304pages · 216x138mm

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About The Book

The past three decades have witnessed the emergence of several Kantian theories. Both the critical reaction to consequentialism inspired by Rawlsian constructivism and the universalism of more recent theories informed by Habermasian discourse ethics trace their main sources of inspiration back to Kant's writings.


This excellent volume is a welcome and quite distinctive addition to political philosophy generally as well as to our understanding of Kant and Kantian approaches to political problems. The book's thirteen essays, including a substantive editor's introduction, collectively serve to probe the importance of metaphysics for grounding political principles and applying those principles to concrete political and moral issues in the contemporary context of pluralism and diversity. - Mark Timmons, University of Arizona


1. Metaphysics and Politics in the Wake of Kant: The Project of a Critical Practical Philosophy (Sorin Baiasu, Sami Pihlstrom and Howard Williams) 2. Kant’s Constructivism and Rational Justification (Kenneth R. Westphal) 3. Political, Not Metaphysical, Yet Kantian? A Defense of Rawls (Alyssa R. Bernstein) 4. On the Conditions of Discourse and Being: Kantian, Wittgensteinian, and Levinasian Perspectives on the Relation between Metaphysics and Ethics (Sami Pihlstrom) 5. One Community or Many? From Logic to Juridical Law via Metaphysics (Lucas Thorpe) 6. Kant’s Rechtslehre and Ideas of Reason (Tatiana Patrone) 7. Practical Agency, Teleology and System in Kant’s Architectonic of Pure Reason (Lea Ypi) 8. What a Kantian Can Know A Priori: An Argument for Moral Cognitivism (Katerina Deligiorgi) 9. Metaphysics and Moral Judgement (Sorin Baiasu) 10. ‘Intelligible Facts’: Toward a Constructivist Account of Action and Responsibility (Garrath Williams) 11. Metaphysical and Not Just Political (Howard Williams) 12. Cosmopolitan Right: State and System in Kant’s Political Theory (Sharon Anderson-Gold) 13. The Metaphysics of International Law: Kant’s ‘Unjust Enemy’ and the Limitation of Self- Authorization (Oliver Eberl)

About the Editor(s)

Sorin Baiasu

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Sami Pihlström

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Howard Williams

Howard Williams is Professor in Political Theory at the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University and is the general editor of the Political Philosophy Now series.

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