Remembering the Crusades in Medieval Texts and Songs

Editor(s) Thomas W. Smith,Andrew D. Buck

Language: English

Genre(s): Medieval

  • October 2019 · 160 pages ·210x148mm

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About The Book

Exploring Latin texts, as well as Old French, Castilian and Occitan songs and lyrics, Remembering the Crusades in Medieval Texts and Songs takes inspiration from the new ways scholars are looking to trace the dissemination and influence of the memories and narratives surrounding the crusading past in medieval Europe. It contributes to these new directions in crusade studies by offering a more nuanced understanding of the diverse ways in which medieval authors presented events, people and places central to the crusading movement. This volume investigates how the transmission of stories related to suffering, heroism, the miraculous and ideals of masculinity helped to shape ideas of crusading presented in narratives produced in both the Latin East and the West, as well as the importance of Jerusalem in the lyric cultures of southern France, and how the narrative arc of the First Crusade developed from the earliest written and oral responses to the venture.


‘This book is a very welcome addition to the new historiography on memory and the crusades. In focusing closely on particular texts and contexts, it brings innovative and important insights into how the crusades
were represented and remembered in a variety of ways during the Middle Ages and beyond.’
-Professor Megan Cassidy-Welch, University of Queensland

‘This engrossing volume highlights the exciting work of a new generation of historians of the crusades. Focusing on the way the crusades were reflected in a variety of writing genres, the chapters show how crusading was embedded in broader networks and modes of composition, in continuous dialogue with larger cultural discourses of gender, status, emotion, and trauma.’
-Professor Nicholas Paul, Fordham University

'The excellent articles in this volume explore a variety of writing genres, employ a range of approaches, and add to the new historiography on how the First Crusade and the city of Jerusalem after 1187 were remembered.'
- Jason T. Roche in Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean


‘Weighed by such a great calamity, they were cleansed for their sins’: Remembering the Siege and Capture of Antioch - Andrew D. Buck
Framing the Narrative of the First Crusade: The Letter Given at Laodicea in September 1099 - Thomas W. Smith
Fear, Fortitude and Masculinity in William of Malmesbury’s Retelling of the First Crusade and the Establishment of the Latin East - Stephen J. Spencer
Refocusing the First Crusade: Authorial Self-Fashioning and the Miraculous in William of Tyre’s Historia Ierosolymitana - Beth C. Spacey
Remembering Jerusalem: Lamenting the Holy City in Occitan Lyric, c. 1187–c. 1300 - Lauren Mulholland
‘Li bons dus de Buillon’: Genre Conventions and the Depiction of Godfrey of Bouillon in the Chanson d’Antioche and the Chanson de Jérusalem - Simon John
The Gran conquista de Ultramar, its Precursors, and the Lords of Saint-Pol - Simon Thomas Parsons
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About the Editor(s)

Author(s): Thomas W. Smith

Thomas W. Smith teaches history at Rugby School, and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

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Author(s): Andrew D. Buck

Andrew Buck is Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University College Dublin.

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