Rural Wales in the Twenty-First Century

Society, Economy and Environment

Author(s) Paul Milbourne

Language: English

Genre(s): Welsh Interest

  • October 2011 · 336 pages ·216x138mm

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About The Book

The book explores the complex and shifting geographies of rural Wales in the twenty first century. It draws on a broad range of recent academic and policy research to provide the most comprehensive and critical account of the spaces, places and environments of rural Wales to date. The book highlights recent processes of change as well as important continuities with the past. It also indicates the ways in which the contemporary geographies of rural Wales are bound up with rather complex connections between society, culture, economy and environment. The book consists of 16 specially commissioned chapters written by human geographers and sociologists with considerable expertise in rural studies. It is structured around five main themes. The first is concerned with society and community and explores changing rural demographics, the cultural impacts of in-migration, alternative communities and community action in rural Wales. The second theme is economy and employment, with chapters on labour markets, the eco-economy, migrant workers and market towns. The focus of the third theme is farming and food and the changing agri-food agenda in Wales. Welfare and services constitutes the fourth theme of the book with attention given to poverty and community responses to service provision in rural areas. The final theme of the book is environment, which is explored through discussions of environmental sustainability and the post-productivist turn in forestry. The book uses these accounts of the social, economic and environmental geographies of rural Wales to provide a broader critique of rural geography and rural studies in the UK and other developed countries.


'This book provides the most complete survey to date of the dynamic rural geographies of rural Wales, written by Wales' leading observers of countryside change. In so doing, the book makes a highly significant contribution to the canon of rural geography literature, and deserves to be read by researchers and educators across the world.' Professor Paul Cloke, Professor of Human Geography, University of Exeter


1. Introduction Paul Milbourne Part 1: Society and Community 2. The Englishing of Rural Wales? Migration, conflict and integration in community life Graham Day 3. The Social and Cultural Impacts of English Migration to Rural Wales Paul Milbourne 4. 'Alternative' Communities in Rural Wales Keith Halfacree 5. Community Action in Rural Wales Graham Gardner Part 2: Economy and Employment 6. Poles Apart? Migrant Workers in Rural Wales Michael Woods 7. Exploring Rural Labour Market Relationships: The persistence of the low-skills economy in rural areas of Wales Lawrence Kitchen and Terry Marsden 8. Market Towns in Rural Wales: A differentiated geography Michael Woods 9. A Regional Response to a Global Issue: The eco-economy and sustainable development in rural Wales Lawrence Kitchen Part 3: Farming and Food 10. Farming and agri-food in Wales: The new agenda. Terry Marsden 11. Foodscapes and Landscapes: The gastro-geographies of Wales Kevin Morgan Part 4: Welfare and Services 12. Deep Rural Communities: Exploring Service provision in rural Wales Kate Moles and Jonathan Radcliffe 13. Poverty in Rural Wales: Material hardships, social inclusions and landscape Paul Milbourne Part 5: Environment 14. Environmental Sustainability of, by and for Rural Wales Richard Cowell 15. Forestry and the Challenge of Post-industrial Transformation: A study of the mid-Wales uplands Nerys Owens 16. Conclusion Paul Milbourne

About the Author(s)

Author(s): Paul Milbourne

Paul Milbourne is Professor of Human Geography in the School of Geography and Planning and the Head of School and Director of Cardiff University's Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Space.

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