Swansea University

Campus and Community in a Post-War World, 1945–2020

Author(s): Sam Blaxland

Language: English

Genre(s): History

  • June 2020 · 352pages · 234x156mm

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About The Book

Swansea University: Campus and Community in a Post-War World, 1945–2020 marks Swansea University’s centenary. It is a study of post- Second World War academic and social change in Britain and its universities, as well as an exploration of shifts in youth culture and the way in which higher education institutions have interacted with people and organisations in their regions. It covers a range of important themes and topics, including architectural developments, international scholars, the changing behaviours of students, protest and politics, and the multi-layered relationships that are formed between academics, young people and the wider communities of which they are a part. Unlike most institutional histories, it takes a ‘bottom-up’ approach and focuses on the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of people like students and non-academic staff who are normally sidelined in such accounts. As it does so, it utilises a large collection of oral history testimonies collected specifically for this book; and, throughout, it explores how formative, paradoxical and unexpected university life can be.


‘Deeply researched and elegantly written, this book is essential reading for alumni, staff and students at Swansea. And it deserves a wider readership. It will appeal to all historians of higher education, to policy makers and university leaders, and to anyone interested in how the past may help shape the future of teaching and research in Wales and beyond.’
-Professor William Whyte, University of Oxford

'Written in an accessible, engaging style, Swansea University belies its ostensibly limited appeal, and ought to be widely read by anyone with an interest in the fate of higher education.'
- Review by John Barnie in Planet Magazine.

'Sam Blaxland tells this story in an engaging, informative way and the book is punctuated by lots of good visual material he has garnered from the Richard Burton archives. It is not a dry, fusty account of an institution and neither is it a fawning roll-call of its successes. It locates the university both in its local hinterland and within the terrain of post-war UK universities, as they grow into bigger and bigger businesses which are therefore increasingly key to regional success.'
- Jon Gower Nation.Cymru https://nation.cymru/culture/review-swansea-university-campus-and-community-in-a-post-war-world-1945-2000/


List of Figuresx
List of Tablesxiv
Note on terms and place namesxvii
Note on oral history interviews.xviii
Chapter 1 – ‘Communities of learning’: Intellectual and Economic Reconstruction, 1945–1956.40
Chapter 2 – ‘A Quiet Revolution’: Campus and Community Life, 1947–1964.102
Chapter 3 – ‘How in hell can we cool them down?’: Politics and Protest, 1964–1973157
Chapter 4 – ‘Don’t be so Complacent!’: Crisis and Cutbacks, 1973 – 1988.219
Chapter 5 – ‘Change with the times’: Marketisation and Commercialisation, 1988–2020.272

About the Author(s)

Sam Blaxland

Sam Blaxland is a Post-doctoral Fellow and Tutor in Modern History at Swansea University.

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