The Wales TUC, 1974-2004

Devolution and Industrial Politics

Author(s): Joe W. England

Language: English

Genre(s): Politics Welsh Interest

  • October 2004 · 208pages · 234x156mm

  • ·Paperback - 9780708319192

About The Book

The Wales TUC is the national institution representing the organised workers of Wales. Joe England seeks to explain and assess its achievements over the past thirty years of dramatic change: the rundown of the coal and steel industries, the decline in manufacturing jobs, the growth of white-collar employment and unions, the Thatcher and Major years of high unemployment and industrial law reform, and the increasing numbers of low-paid part-time workers, most of them women. Throughout the period the Wales TUC has negotiated with a succession of Secretaries of State of varying persuasions, consistently promoting the case for investment in jobs and fair treatment for workers. A leading campaigner for a Welsh Assembly it now has to adjust to the demands of that body whilst seeking to halt the decline in trade union membership and promote partnership with industry. The result is a book that is relevant not only to the study of recent Welsh political and industrial history and to an understanding of pressure group politics, but also to labour history and industrial relations.


'... very good - well written and interesting. It brought it all back.' - John Monks, General Secretary of the TUC 1993-2003 'Much more than just a history of the Wales TUC, this is the story of industrial and social change out of which grew the new politics of devolution. A fast-moving and enjoyable read, covering thirty years that have defined modern Wales.' - David Jenkins, Wales TUC General Secretary 1984-2004

'...interesting and important...Joe England has succeeded in writing a history that engages with what were and continue to be important issues for the WTUC... an engrossing and fascinating story...' New Welsh Review

'...a good story and well told...' Industrial Relations Journal


All change; A Unilateral Declaration; A Campaigning Organisation; The Enemy Within?; New Directions; Transport House and Congress House; Devolution 1974-2004; Assessment.

About the Author(s)

Joe W. England

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