The Welsh Law of Women

Editor(s): Dafydd Jenkins Morfydd E. Owen

Language: English

Genre(s): Social Policy and Law Welsh Interest

  • November 2017 · 288pages · 216x138mm

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About The Book

Professor Daniel A. Binchy’s Corpus Iuris Hibernici, published in 1979, set the seal on a lifetime’s work which had made him the acknowledged leader in Celtic law studies. At an earlier stage in his career, he had edited (in Studies in Early Irish Law, published by the Royal Irish Academy in 1936) the proceedings of a seminar on the Irish law of women; this volume was the spur to the seminar which began to work under the aegis of the Board of Celtic Studies in 1970, and took as its first field of study the Welsh law of women. The present collection of papers, based on the work of the seminar, differs in scope from the Irish volume but like it provides a detailed and documented account of one of the most illuminating tractates in the Welsh lawbooks; the volume was originally presented to Professor Binchy in grateful recognition of the inspiration given to all students of Celtic law by his devoted work.This

volume comprises six studies dealing with various aspects of the Welsh material, texts of three versions of the tractate (one in Latin and two, both based on manuscripts not previously printed, in Welsh) with English translations, a Glossary, and Indexes. This new edition includes a preface by Morfydd E. Owen, who edited the original volume with Dafydd Jenkins, surveying work in the field since the first edition in 1980.


Preface Dedicatory
Note on References
Preface to the New Edition
The Normal Paradigms of a Woman’s Life in the Irish and Welsh Texts, by Christopher McAll
Nau Kynywedi Teithiauc, by T. M. Charles-Edwards
Shame and Reparation: Women’s Place in the Kin, by Morfydd E. Owen
Property Interests in the Classical Welsh Law of Women, by Dafydd Jenkins
The Status of Women and the Practice of Marriage 106 in late-medieval Wales, by R. R. Davies
The European Context of the Welsh Law of Matrimonial Property by D. B. Walters
Texts of the Tractate on the Law of Women
Bibliographical Abbreviations
Index to Passages Cited
General Index

About the Editor(s)

Dafydd Jenkins

Dafydd Jenkins held the chair in Legal History and Welsh Law at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (1975-8); he died in 2012.

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Morfydd E. Owen

Dr Morfydd E. Owen is a retired academic whose current major study is connected with medieval Welsh medical texts, and is also involved in the study of major medieval prose.

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