Treasures: The Special Collections of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Editor(s) John Morgan-Guy

Language: English

Genre(s): History

  • July 2022 · 224 pages ·246x189mm

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About The Book

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David was originally founded in 1822 as St David’s College, Lampeter. It is now the oldest higher education collegiate institution in Wales, and in its two hundred years of history has been the recipient of many fascinating and rare manuscripts, early printed books, beautifully illustrated volumes, and rare publications from broadsheets to journals. These were largely received through the generous donations of many benefactors, including the institution’s founder Bishop Thomas Burgess of St Davids, with the collection housed today in the Roderic Bowen Library on the Lampeter campus. This fully illustrated volume contains a selection from the many thousands of works spanning more than seven hundred years, with short essays by scholars whose knowledge and appreciation of the works are unrivalled, revealing the riches of what was once known as ‘the greatest little library in Wales’.


List of Contributors
1Introduction: The Story of the College and its Library
2The Royal Charter of 1828
3Charles Robert Cockerell – Architect of St David’s College
4David Cox’s drawing of St David’s College
5Peter of Capua and Distinctiones theologicae
6The Lampeter Bible
7The Boddam Hours
8Giovanni Boccaccio and Genealogia deorum gentilium
9Jacobus a Voragine and The Golden Legend (Legenda auria)
10The Schoffer Missal of 1499
11The Hopyl ‘Sarum’ Missal of 1511
12Conrad Gessner and Historia animalium
13Abraham Ortelius and Theatrum orbis terrarum
14Walter Ralegh and The History of the World
15Gerhard Mercator and Atlas
16Nehemiah Grew and The Anatomy of Plants
17George Hickes the Non-Juror and Lampeter MS T512a
18‘Isaac Bickerstaff’ and Predictions for the Year 1708
19The ‘Missing’ Issue of Daniel Defoe’s Review
20Maria Sibylla Merian and Der Rupsen begin, voedzel, en wonderbaare verandering
21Satire and Humour in Bowdler T269
22William Chambers and Desseins des edifices, meubles, habits, machines, et ustenciles des chinois
23A Log Book from HMS Elizabeth 1759–61
24Thomas Pennant and The British Zoology
25The Charts, Plans and Views of Alexander Dalrymple
26Dutch Voyages into the Pacific
27Sydney Parkinson and A journal of a voyage to the South Seas
28Jean-Nicolas Jadelot and Cours complet d’anatomie
29Robert Adam and Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian
30Arnaud Berquin’s L’ami de l’adolescence
31John White and Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales
32William Blake and the illustration of Edward Young’s The Complaint, and the Consolation
33Robert John Thornton and A New Illustration of the Sexual System of Linnæus
34William Alexander and The Costume of China
35Hannah More and Cœlebs in Search of a Wife
36John Smeaton and A Narrative of the Building and a Description of the Construction of the Edystone Lighthouse
37Edward Pugh and Cambria depicta
38John Ross and A voyage of discovery
39John Frederick Lewis and Lewis’s Sketches and Drawings of the Alhambra
40John C. Bourne and Drawings of the London and Birmingham Railway
41John Richard Coke Smyth and Sketches in the Canadas
42Epilogue: Special Collections and Archives in the Future

About the Editor(s)

Author(s): John Morgan-Guy

John Morgan-Guy is Hon Professor of Practice (Cultural History) at University of Wales Trinity St David.

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