Volker Braun

Author(s): Rolf Jucker

Language: English

Genre(s): Modern Languages Literary Criticism

Series: Contemporary German Writers

  • November 1995 · 136pages · 216x138mm

  • ·Paperback - 9780708313138
  • · eBook - ESO html - 9780585303581

About The Book

The second title in the “Contemporary German Writers” series, this volume covers the work of Volker Braun. The series, primarily intended for students and teachers, offers both basic information and an introduction to the work of the author in question, and contains critical assessments of the work. By publishing in both German and English, students and A-level pupils should gain vital access to German terminology and debate.


Zentrum, Nach Lage der Dinge, Archiv (Prosa), Der Weststrand (Gedichtzyklus), “…solang Gedachtnis haust / in this distracted globe” (Rede), Volker Braun; Leben und Werk; “Wir befinden uns soweit wohl. Wir sind erst einmal am Ende”, Volker Braun im Gespraech mit Rolf Jucker; Zwischenbilanz im Lichte der 10 Baende Texte in zeitlicher Folge Walfried Hartinger; blinded by the light – Volker Braun’s “Guevara oder der Sonnenstaat Terence M Holmes”; Unvollendete Geschichte, Sinn und Form and SED cultural policy – Wilhelm Girnus’s conflict with the party hierarchy, Stephen Parker; Volker Braun’s “Die unvollendete Geschichte” – `das Fehlverhalten einzelner’ or how the GDR came to an end – an interpretation with hindsight, Andy Hollis; Bibliographie 1986-1994, Rolf Jucker.

About the Author(s)

Rolf Jucker

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