Wales, the Welsh and the Making of America

Author(s): Vivienne Sanders

Language: English

Genre(s): History

  • July 2021 · 288pages · 216x138mm

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About The Book

In 1971, Californian congressman Thomas M. Rees told the US House of Representatives that ‘very little has been written of what the Welsh have contributed in all walks of life in the shaping of American history’. This book is the first systematic attempt to both recount and evaluate the considerable yet undervalued contribution made by Welsh immigrants and their immediate descendants to the development of the United States. Their lives and achievements are recounted within a narrative outline of American history that emphasises the Welsh influence upon the colonists’ rejection of British rule, and upon the establishment, expansion and industrialisation of the new American nation. The book covers both the famous and the unsung who worked and fought to acquire greater prosperity and freedom for themselves and for their nation.


List of Figures
Introduction Wales, the Welsh and the Making of America
Chapter 1 – Madoc – explorer and discoverer of North America?
Chapter 2 – The Welsh and the colonisation of North America
Chapter 3 – Richard Price and the American Revolution
Chapter 4 – The Welsh American military contribution to the American War of Independence
Chapter 5 – The Welsh American political contribution to the American Revolution
Chapter 6 – Meriwether Lewis, James Monroe and the American West
Chapter 7 – The Welsh go West
Chapter 8 – Welsh Americans and the American Civil War
Chapter 9 – The Welsh and the industrialisation of America
Chapter 10 – Assimilation and the vanishing Welsh
Chapter 11 – Wales, the Welsh and the making of America – conclusions
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About the Author(s)

Vivienne Sanders

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