Wittgenstein, Sense and Reality

The Swansea School

Editor(s): John Edelman

Language: English

Genre(s): Philosophy

  • February 2009 · 224pages · 216x138mm

  • ·Hardback - 9780708321768

About The Book

The objective of this book is to carry on a philosophical discussion of issues central to the work of a group of philosophers belonging to what, since the 1980's, has been recognised by academic philosophers as 'The Swansea School'. Chief among the philosophers commonly identified with the Swansea School are the late Peter Winch, the late Rush Rhees, the late D. Z. Phillips, H. O. Mounce, the late Ilham Dilman and the late R. W. Beardsmore, all of whom taught or studied, or both, at the University of Wales, Swansea, between 1940 and the present. For many of those years, two other philosophers, the late J. R. Jones and R. F. Holland, also taught at Swansea and played an important role in shaping the character of philosophy at Swansea.Each

of eight of the chapters in this volume takes up aspects of the work of one of these philosophers. A ninth chapter explores commonalities and conflicts in the work of those discussed in the first eight essays. The objective of this volume, then, is primarily philosophical rather than historical, and certainly it is not hagiographical. The discussion of philosophical issues central to philosophy at Swansea during the years mentioned above will be done in a spirit characteristic of the conduct of philosophy at Swansea during those same years, that is, in a spirit that is both critical and constructive, deeply influenced by a distinctive reading of Wittgenstein and appreciative of philosophical traditions reaching back to Plato and the pre-Socratics.

About the Editor(s)

John Edelman

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