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I dathlu canmlwyddiant Emyr Humphreys, gweler isod ar gyfer teitlau perthnasol:


A past winner of the Somerset Maugham Award, Emyr Humphreys is considered one of Wales’s foremost novelists and author of over two dozen works of fiction, including works that are now set texts at A-Level. His novel ‘Outside the House of Baal’ is considered The greatest novel of anglophone Welsh literature. He has also published highly distinctive poetry, seminal essays, and a visionary cultural history of Wales. His career spans over eighty years, and dates back to the 1950s when he was mentored by, amongst others, Saunders Lewis, Graham Greene and T.S.Elliot. He collaborated with Patrick Heron on the dust jackets of his novels, and has directed radio and television, casting actors such as Richard Burton, Siân Phillips and Peter O’Toole.

To celebrate Emyr Humphreys 100th birthday, please see below for relevant titles.




Emyr Humphreys: Conversations & Reflelctions by Emyr Humphreys
Bonds of Attachment by Emyr Humphreys
National Winner by Emyr Humphreys
Open Secrets by Emyr Humphreys
Absolute Hero by Emyr Humphreys
Best of Friends by Emyr Humphreys
Salt of the Earth by Emyr Humphreys
Dal Pen Rheswm by R. Arwel Jones
The Collected Poems of Emyr Humphreys by Emyr Humphreys
Flesh And Blood by Emyr Humphreys