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The Journal of Religious History, Literature and Culture

Language: English

Published twice annually in summer and autumn

Print ISSN: 2057-4517 Online ISSN: 2057-4525

About the Journal

The Journal of Religious History, Literature and Culture has consciously sought to adopt wide parameters for its interests: the history, literature and culture of religion. These parameters are not confined to any one period or to Wales or Christianity and it is hoped that in the coming issues the journal will encompass the breadth of its title. The journal aims to provide coverage of those aspects of religious culture which illuminate and exemplify religious practice and ideas. The journal is issued twice a year, once as a regular form and once as a special themed issue.


Introduction: The Succession of 1714 in Context by William Gibson

Politics, Religion and Propaganda: The Prosecution of Seditious Libel in the Last Years of Anne by Ruth Paley

Loyalty and Disloyalty: Sacheverell’s Seals by William Gibson

The Origins of Political Broadcasting: The Sermon in the Hanoverian Revolution, 1714–1716 by James J. Caudle

Hanoverian Successions, Whig Schism, and Clerical Patronage: Chaplains of George Caroline, Prince and Princess of Wales, 1714-1727 by J. C. Lees

‘King George’s Religion’: Lutheranism and the religious politics of the Hanoverian succession by Ralph Stevens


Professor William Gibson, Oxford Brookes University

Dr John Morgan-Guy, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Dr Thomas W. Smith, University of Leeds (Assistant Editor)


Reviews Editor: Dr Nicky Tsougarakis, Edge Hill University

Professor David Bebbington, Stirling University

Professor Stewart J. Brown, University of Edinburgh

Dr James J. Caudle, Yale University

Dr Robert G. Ingram, Ohio University, USA

Professor Geraint Jenkins, Aberystwyth University

Dr David Ceri Jones, Aberystwyth University

Professor J. Gwynfor Jones, Cardiff University

Dr Frances Knight, University of Nottingham

Professor Kenneth E. Roxburgh, Samford University, USA

Dr Robert Pope, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Professor Huw Pryce, Bangor University

Dr Eryn M. White, Aberystwyth University

Rt Revd and Rt Hon. Lord Williams of Oystermouth, Magdalene College, Cambridge

Professor Jonathan Wooding, University of Sydney, Australia


Publishers and book reviewers with enquiries regarding reviews should contact the journal’s reviews editor, Dr Nicky Tsougarakis tsougarn@edgehill.ac.uk.