New Century Chaucer

The works of Geoffrey Chaucer remain the most-studied literary texts of the medieval period; indeed, Chaucer is often the only medieval author to whom many literature students are exposed. The series fills a gap in the market for user-focused editions and studies of Chaucerian works which combine new scholarship with accessible texts and purpose-built editions and translations, accompanied by stimulating studies introducing the latest research ideas. It is targeted towards twenty-first century students and scholars whose training and research interests have been shaped by new media, interdisciplinarity and a broad-based curriculum.

Series Editor: Professor Helen Fulton, University of Bristol, and Professor Ruth Evans, Saint Louis University.

Would you like to write for this series? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact Chris Richards, Commissioning and Editorial Assistant at UWP, with your proposal, including a brief synopsis of the proposed work: To read more on the information we require at proposal stage, see our Publish With Us page.


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