Hispanic Studies at university have expanded and diversified greatly over the past thirty years. From an exclusive focus on Iberian languages, literature and cultural history, there has been a significant transformation in Iberian and Latin American Studies in English-speaking universities towards interdisciplinary approaches to languages, history, literature, gender and cultural studies. The trend has, of course, been continued in postgraduate studies and in academic publications. Our University of Wales Press series reflects these shifts, and I am delighted that we have been able to include in our series a whole variety of quality publications, from the culture of the Golden Age and the early twentieth century in Spain to modern Spanish prose fiction, theatre, cinema and sexual politics, Portuguese literature, modern Latin American literature and culture, the politics of Mexico and the Spanish Sahara and the cultures of Catalonia and Galicia. As examples of the quality and variety of the series we have: Roger Bartra’s Melancholy and Culture: Diseases of the Soul in Golden Age Spain,Alison Sinclair’s Sex and Society in Early Twentieth-Century Spain, Lloyd Davies’s Projections of Peronism in Argentine Autobiography, Biography and Fiction, David Frier’s The Novels of José Saramago, Eli Bartra’s Women in Mexican Folk Art, Stuart Green’s From Silver Screen to Spanish Stage, Pablo San Martín’s Western Sahara: The Refugee Nation and Helena Buffery’s Shakespeare in Catalan: Translating Imperialism. We are always keen to receive innovative proposals for our exciting series, and invite authors to submit book proposals to add to our list, via the University of Wales Press website.

Professor David George (Swansea University) is Series Editor, with Professor Paul Garner (University of Leeds), of UWP’s Iberian and Latin American Studies series.