The annual conference of the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth (ASA) was held this year under azure blue skies among the botanical beauty of the University of Exeter campus.  Focusing on the theme of Symbiotic Anthropologies, it asked what it means to do anthropology today, while considering the shifting boundaries – or lack of boundaries – between the disciplines of anthropology and multiple other areas of enquiry. The array of seminars and rich breadth of subjects covered was truly impressive, capturing the essence of the vast and interdisciplinary field of anthropology. Seminars ranged from discussions on austerity to (anthro)zoology, with much debate, global perspectives and fascinating case studies all forming part of a vibrant whole. Flying the flag for Wales with a range of presentations on the innovative and exciting research and teaching being undertaken at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David were Luci Attala, Eloise Govier and Louise Steel. Being on the staff of the only anthropology department in our nation, it was a proud moment to witness their expertise, enthusiasm and clear dedication to their subject. For me, it opened my eyes to a new world, full of possibility and meaning for what it means to be human in our increasingly complex global societies.

Sarah Lewis, Head of Commissioning