A very warm welcome to an exciting new era for the Press – a brand new website with our very own bilingual blogs dedicated to a wealth of insightful reader topics. Given we have the privilege of working with so many different and talented authors from across the world, we will be inviting them to become guest bloggers: whilst publishing issues are vital, we’re also eager to connect with our diverse community and its many and varied interests.

The wisdom of embarking on a completely new website during a REF (Research Excellence Framework) year is probably questionable, but as it was so eagerly awaited by authors, customers and board members alike, we all felt it needed to happen – and needless to say I am very proud it has. I hope you will enjoy using our website – we are certainly very keen to get feedback, as this is only the beginning.

This first blog is dedicated to all my brilliant colleagues who have made it happen, alongside all those who have contributed to our work over the last 91 years and have made the Press what it is today. Wales and the world would be much poorer without it – that much is certain.

Helgard Krause (Director)