Gender Studies in Wales

This multi-disciplinary and bilingual series explores the characteristics and effects of gender difference in Wales, both as it affected lives in the past and as it continues to shape present-day experience. Socially constructed concepts of masculinity and femininity influence and shape every aspect of individuals’ lives; experiences in employment, in education, in culture and politics, as well as in personal relationships. Gender also intersects with other identities including race, class, (dis)ability, sexuality and nation in framing experiences and representations of individuals and groups. To date, the series has published important contributions addressing these concerns in literature, social studies and history that have enriched this growing academic field. The editors would particularly welcome ground breaking studies which engage with contemporary theories of gender, identity and intersectionality relating to Wales in all its diversity.

Series Editors: Dr Dawn Mannay, Cardiff University; Dr Rhiannon Marks, Cardiff University; Professor Diana Wallace, University of South Wales; Dr Stephanie Ward, Cardiff University; Dr Sian Rhiannon Williams, Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Would you like to write for this series? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact Chris Richards, Commissioning and Editorial Assistant at UWP, with your proposal, including a brief synopsis of the proposed work: To read more on the information we require at proposal stage, see our Publish With Us page.


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